Young Adult Ministry

Serving young adults in our community

What We Offer

Young Adult Way (YAWAY) meets every first and third Sunday of the month. This ministry is consecrated to and guided by the Holy Spirit while being Eucharistic Centered. It seeks to unite Young Adults of all ages, from 18-35 in the Catholic Faith and to create a community for them here. Most young adults have already fallen in love with our faith, but now they want to know how to keep walking in the light of Christ and have questions they seek to have answered. They yearn to know other people their age who are trying to keep the faith in light of the pressures of our modern world. YAWAY walks with them on this journey.

The first Sundays of the month involve an outdoor excursion such as a Hiking Mass or other service or social opportunities. The third Sundays of the month are hosted at the Parish at varied times with a potluck and discussion, XLT, or other opportunity in Faith Formation 2 Center. In listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, YAWAY events vary in topics and content.

If you have any questions or desire to be added to our Young Adult Way Flocknote group to stay connected, please contact Kristen Hew at or 480-899-1990 ext. 102.