Unique Boutique Vendor Information

Consignor Information

  1. Please remember that we are a 100% handmade Boutique and do reserve the right to turn away any products that we feel may not be handmade. We try to keep consignors varied and therefore limit the number repeat products.
  2. We will send out an email in September to sign up for work shifts through Sign Up Genius (the same system we used last year).
  3. Booth size is approximately 4’ x 6’ – Space and Location determined by Boutique Committee. Details in Policy and Procedure Manuel.
  4. Please Note: We allow a maximum of (6) Jewelry Vendors

Returning Consignors

  1. Only pre-approved jewelry consignors may sell jewelry. Please do not plan on bringing jewelry if you did not sell jewelry at our boutique last year.
  2. Price tags – Returning consignors – A Sample Price tag is required EACH YEAR to ensure proper credit for each consignor…Please refer to tag Policies in Policy and Procedure Manual.
  3. W-9 forms – Are required each year to insure proper payments.

New Consignors

Contact Joan and Lisa at boutique@standrewchandler.com with the following information prior to submitting an application:

  1. Photos of products that you will sell (electronic submittal is fine)
  2. Detailed description of items you plan on selling
  3. Price range of individual items you will sell

Once you’ve been vetted, please submit your full and complete application. We are limited to 70 full size spaces. Once those spaces are full, consignors will be placed on a waitlist.

For more information, email boutique@standrewchandler.com.