Together Let Us Go Forth

Since the launch of the campaign, more than 21,000 parishioners have joined together from 117 parishes and missions to raise over $120 Million in pledge commitments to strengthen and increase discipleship and evangelization efforts that will impact millions in our Diocese today and in the future, like our Catholic Newman Centers, Seminarians, St. Vincent de Paul, and Catholic Education just to name a few. We are still collecting on these commitments despite the pandemic.

Our parish launched our portion of the campaign in Fall 2019. Now that we have completed 2 years since the start of the campaign, out of our 5-year pledge redemption, I would like to take a moment to give you an update and an invitation.

I am excited to share with you that our parish response towards this campaign was terrific! Through generous support of only 340 of our nearly 4000 families, our parish received over $1.4M ($1,491,341) in pledge commitments to be paid over five years. My profound gratitude to these
families who have supported our Diocese and our parish even during these challenging times!

Thanks to these 340 families, we’ve already received $187,000 towards the campaign case components our parish identified.

Let me remind you what these components are:

  1. Placement of statues and the painting of mural work within our sanctuary and Marian shrine. Painting of Mother Mary and St. John at the foot of the cross and the image of the Good Shepherd below the cross.
  2.  Supplementing the existing maintenance and development fund used to repurpose the pews, update Church flooring and bathrooms, and renovate the baptismal font.
  3. Paying off the existing loan taken for the Sanctuary Renovation.

So, to the people who have completed their pledge commitment: THANK YOU!

To the people currently paying on their pledge commitments: Thank you too! Please continue to pay on your commitments because as you can see, we need your support.

To the people who made a pledge commitment but have not yet started paying: Thank you for your pledge. Please I encourage you try and do what you can because we need you.

Finally, to the people who have not yet made any commitment to the campaign, I want to invite you and your family, today, to consider making a pledge commitment and be part of this historic effort in the Diocese of Phoenix and our parish. It is never too late!

To do so please, go to

It takes all of us coming together for this campaign to continue to be a success. Know that it is these restricted donations and not the plate income, that is making it possible to achieve these renovations. Thank you again, to all who have so generously supported our parish family and this campaign.