St. Andrew’s offers the options for young ladies of Hispanic origin to celebrate their Fifteenth birthday with a Quinceanera Mass.

Requirements for St. Andrew’s Quinceanera’s:

  • Family must be active and registered here at the parish.
  • Teen celebrating the Quinceanera must be an active, participating member of Life Teen Ministry and have received her Confirmation.
  • Teen must attend 2 catechetical sessions with Barb Lishko. These sessions relate to relationship with God, dating/sexuality, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Planning must begin at least 6 months prior to the anticipated date of Quinceanera.
  • Quinceanera’s are scheduled by availability of the Church and normally on Friday evenings as weddings take a priority on Saturday’s.
  • Options for celebrating a Quinceanera range from: A Simple Blessing at a regular Mass, to a full private Mass.

If you have met the first 2 requirements and would like to coordinate a Quinceanera, please contact Barb Lishko.