The St. Andrew Communications and Marketing ministry develops and oversees all key communications, media, and messages – including external promotion strategies – on behalf of the parish faith community.

Information Technology

The "I.T." ministry advises, supports, and works with St. Andrew pastoral and administrative staff. Information technology volunteers are delegated responsibility for maintaining and improving the extensive parish computer network, parish software, personal computers, and server systems. We also oversee and provide support and assistance for overall internet connectivity and maintenance throughout the parish campus.

Flocknote and "The Friday Flash"

The Communications/Marketing ministry constantly maintains (i.e., updates and perfects) a comprehensive listing of e-mail addresses of parishioners and others who want to be in contact with our parish community by electronic means. Once a week, on Friday, we prepare and transmit a "Friday Flash" parish information/promotion email message to all on the parish list. This is provided through Flocknote and is received by over 8,000 people. Individual ministries also communicate through Flocknote, ensuring we have a central communication platform for reaching parishioners. The parish accepts new members to this list and you can sign up today via our Flocknote Group:


The Communications/Marketing ministry publishes information on our parish Facebook page regularly. Facebook is our primary social media platform and allows us to engage with parishioners in many different ways. The ministry monitors and responds to all posts and information on Facebook, maintaining professionalism and extending our parish reach. Visit our Facebook page today:

Streaming and Creative Ministry

The Communications/Marketing ministry oversees all of the creative ministries involved in the production and streaming of the Mass, as well as the projection/video ministry. Mass is streamed to our Facebook page on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30am, as well as Sunday at 10:00am. Our Creative Team facilitates all of the weekly outreach during Mass through ProPresenter, including projecting all announcements, lyrics, and Mass parts.


The Communications/Marketing ministry designs a print-version of our Parish Bulletin every week of the year. Throughout the year, the weekly bulletin is passed out at weekend liturgies, is available via parish offices, and is posted to the parish website in a timely manner. We publish our bulletin through LPI and offer the opportunity for individuals and business to purchase add space. The print bulletin is received by over 2000 people per week.

Internal and External Promotion

The Communications/Marketing ministry promotes the St. Andrew the Apostle mission and ministries via a wide variety of print and online services/promotions, as needs arise and always in accordance with tour branding guidelines.

Want to know more? Want to partner with St. Andrew on an outreach project? Please email Kristen Hew at

St. Andrew the Apostle Ministry Media Submission

If you would like for your ministry events or updates to be published on the Communications platforms of St. Andrew the Apostle including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Parish Bulletin, Flocknote, Website, etc. you will need to fill out the form found at

Please be detailed with your request, and let us know if a graphic will need to be created.

Please Note: All material must be submitted at least 21 days in advance, prior to the desired date of advertisement. Example: Material submitted for the bulletin on Sunday, July 3 will be published in the July 24 bulletin.