Ushers - Ministry of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality are the first of Christ's faces to greet God's people at community worship. Ministers of Hospitality serve as ushers and extend hospitality to the faith community.

Ministers of Hospitality are needed at all Masses, especially during the busiest Liturgical Seasons of the year: Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  This page has been prepared for you special men, women, and youth of St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church who want to build up the Body of Christ by serving in the Ministry of Hospitality as an Usher. We shall strive as a community to serve the needs of God's people, gain a richer understanding of the Gospel Message, and increase the vitality and holiness of the church. We shall enhance the spirit of welcome and efficient administration of services at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church.

If you are interested in becoming an Usher-Minister of Hospitality, please contact Carol Fuizzotti:

An Usher's Prayer

Lord, in your love you gather your people this day, help me to serve them in a Christ like manner, even as your son Jesus served those who gathered about him. Make me prayerful, patient, helpful and understanding, and may I radiate the joy that faith brings as I serve their needs. Give me your strength to support my fellow ministers. May all who assemble to celebrate our common faith in the risen savior be glad of heart for being here and for having encountered your son in one another, in our priest, at the tables of the book and the bread, and through the ministry of ushers like me.  I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

— Gregory F. Smith, O. Carm