Liturgy & Worship

Liturgical ministries are the foundational components for the function of our mass. Parishioners are encouraged to become active in one of the liturgical ministries. These ministries include the following: Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion  Lectors, Ministers of Hospitality, Music & Sound, Video Projection, and Worship Environment.

The Liturgy

The liturgy is a public, community prayer and ritual. It is not private. As baptized Catholics, we have a responsibility to ensure this is happening in our community. The Second Vatican Council and the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy has called us to "full, active, and conscious participation" in the Church's sacred liturgy. However, there are still many Catholics who are not singing or actively participating in the prayers during the liturgy.

To participate as a full, active, and conscious participant in the liturgy you should:

Arrive on time.
Welcome those around you to the liturgy.
Participate actively in the prayers.
Sing (loudly).
Stay for the entire liturgy.


Altar Servers help to create an atmosphere of reverence and assist the priest during all Liturgical Masses, including Weddings and Funeral Masses. Read more about the Altar Server Ministry y HERE.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communionassist in ministering the Body and Blood of Christ to the People of God. Read more about the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Ministry HERE.

Lectorsproclaim God's word at each liturgy when they read Scripture from the Old and New Testaments. Read more about the Lector Ministry HERE.

Ushers - Ministers of Hospitalityare the first of Christ's faces to greet God's people at community worship. Read more about the Ushers - Ministers of Hospitality HERE.

The Music Ministry strives to provide musical leadership of the assembly. Read more about the Music Ministry HERE.

The Sound Ministry enriches the music and spoken word through technical expertise. Read more about the Sound Ministry HERE.

The Worship Environment Ministry creates a setting conducive to a meaningful worship. Read more about the Worship Environment Ministry HERE.

The Video Projection Ministry helps with projection of song lyrics and video during our weekend Mass celebrations. Our projection ministry uses advanced technology in exciting ways to support the mission of St. Andrews. Read more about the Video Projection Ministry HERE.