Lectors proclaim God's word at each liturgy when they read Scripture from the Old and New Testaments. Lectors also welcome the congregation and lead them during the prayers of the faithful. Besides the weekend liturgies, lectors are also scheduled for seasonal and holy day liturgies, daily liturgies and other faith-related liturgies.

Formation meetings are held for the purpose of ongoing training and scheduling. Certification training leading to certification is required and provided.

Responsibilities of the Position

The lectors of St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Faith Community participate in the liturgical celebrations of our faith community by proclaiming the word of God. Lectors serve the faith community in concert with other liturgical ministers so as to conduct vibrant celebrations that enhance the faith journey of all members of the community.

  • Proclaim the Word of God as scheduled at liturgical celebrations.
  • Spend adequate time to prepare for assignments.
  • Use a delivery style that is audible, uses good diction with a controlled pace that connects with the congregation.
  • Attend Lector Ministry meetings. (Four annually)
  • Engage in faith formation as required by Diocesan & parish policy for those in ministry (6 hours per year).
  • Complete lector ministry practical training prior to commissioning (6 hours).
  • Share your talents & skills. Serve when requested.
    • Scheduling
    • Ministry Fair
    • Phone contact
    • Training/mentoring
  • Know and follow procedures.
  • Meet all scheduled commitments. If you encounter a conflict arrange for a substitute and notify one of the Ministry co-chairs.
  • Adhere to the dress code as defined in the Lector manual.


  • Comfortable addressing large audiences.
  • Possess oratory skills.
  • Commitment to sharing skills with the Faith Community.
  • Commitment to conformance with the responsibilities outlined in this document.

Time Commitment

  • Ministry Meetings: Four meetings annually of approximately 2 hour duration.
  • Preparation for Lector assignments: 2 to 3 hours per assignment.
  • Volunteer Involvement: Situation dependent.
  • Formation & Practical Training: 10 hours for commissioning; 18 hours for recertification.

Contact Bob or Kathryn Kenney at lector@standrewchandler.com for requirements and more information about becoming a lector.


If you are a certified lector, please volunteer for open positions here!