Journey Toward Holiness

We NEED each other to inspire, guide, encourage, lift up, and challenge one another.

Mass perfectly starts our week ... but what about the other 167 hours?

Join us as we Journey Toward Holiness together for 30 days, November 9 – December 8

This is achievable for all ages! We are never too young nor too old to grow in holiness!

Our unified path towards Holiness:

  • Attend Sunday Mass & receive Communion (if you are able)
  • Pray daily, including the Journey Toward Holiness Prayer & at least 1 decade of the Rosary
  • Smile more. Be kind and patient.
  • Go to confession at least once during the 30 days

Can I do more? Of course! our focus is to master these small steps and make a permanent positive change. Here is what you can expect:

  • Enthusiastic encouragement through short inspirational weekly emails
  • Supportive companions on this journey
  • Opportunities to share your experiences with others on this journey
  • Satisfaction in knowing you are growing closer to God.


Questions can be directed to us at