Funeral Ministry

Ministry Leaders

Pat Kosis, Coordinator of Funerals
Judy Barber, Reception Coordinator
Ernie Garcia, “Seasons of Hope” Bereavement Support Groups Facilitator

The death of a loved one is a stressful time. At St. Andrew’s we invite you to honor your loved one with a funeral service that will celebrate their life and help your family to mourn.

The following information is intended to be of help to you in planning a beautiful and dignified celebration. One of our Funeral Planning Ministers can assist you in this process. May God bless you and be with you in your time of grief. Please allow 72 hours for planning of funeral arrangements with the parish.

Frequent Questions

Donations & Fees:

Service Fee
Church $200
Priest at Mass $100
Deacon @ Vigil & Committal $150
Deacon at Funeral Outside of Mass $100
Musicians and singers $150 each
Receptions: need to ck. w/ funeral coordinator $300

These are suggested honorariums. At times they are incorporated into paperwork by the Mortuary who collect them and pays them to the parish. For more information on funerals at St. Andrew’s; call or email Pat Kosis, 480-899-1990 X158; email

Must we do all three steps: a vigil, a Mass, and a committal?
While recommended, you may opt not to have a vigil, or to schedule the committal for another time or place.

Can the funeral be celebrated without a Mass?
Yes, in special circumstances a funeral service may be celebrated outside of Mass.

What does the Catholic Church say about cremation?
The Church permits cremation. The preference is that the cremation would occur after the funeral Mass, but it is also possible to have an urn containing the cremains present at mass rather than the deceased’s body.

What is the difference between a “vigil” and a “rosary”?
The Vigil Service is an official rite of the Church. In the past, the vigil (or wake) consisted primarily of a time of visitation and the prayers of a Rosary. Because so many non-Catholics attend, the Church has developed a Vigil service based on Scripture and prayer. Families may opt to have a Rosary prayed at the end of the Vigil.

Adult Bereavement Support Groups

Learn about “Seasons of Hope” Adult Bereavement Support Group here.