Councils at St. Andrew

Parish Council

The Parish Council of St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church is a consultative body, which represents the total Parish Community in assisting our pastor in pastoral care, planning, and guiding the growth of St. Andrew the Apostle.


Mike Threadgill, Chair
Dr. Glenn Watercotte, Secretary
Elizabeth Bender
Martin Clarke
Aarthi D'Souza
Angelica Hernandez
Michelle B. Kash, Stewardship council Liaison
Rodney Miller
John Scheidt

Stewardship Council


Gerry Lee, Chair
Alan Lynch
Charlie Johnson
Michelle B. Kash, Parish Council Liaison
Matthew Meehan
Serge Tabaro

Finance Council

Each Parish of the Diocese of Phoenix has a Finance Council. Parish Finance Councils are regulated by universal law as well as norms issued by the Diocesan Bishop and according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods. (Code of Canon Law, Canon 537.)

St. Andrew the Apostle Finance Council areas of responsibility are advising and helping make decisions for finances, budgeting, planning, fund raising, and development. The Finance Council has a responsibility to be good stewards making recommendations concerning the use of temporal goods and using the resources to be compatible with the mission of the parish. The Parish Finance Council is consultative in nature.


Jim Probst, Chair
Tina Bork
Dn. Mark Lishko
Eugene Okonkwo
Syd Winter
Justin Woitas