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It's About Time You Reboot Your Faith

01-29-2023Weekly LetterFr Teilo M Lwande, AJ

Reboot! is suitable for all ages, so bring the whole family, and bring a friend. I challenge you now to think of one person to invite and get your tickets after Mass today; don’t think, just do!” “God did not create us just to “get by” in this world; He created us to live life, and live it to the full.

Come learn more about the beauty of our faith, the love that Jesus has for YOU, and how we are meant to live out this JOY in our daily lives.” Bring a friend, family member, or neighbor – Catholic or not- to enjoy a wonderful time of prayer, preaching, refection, music, and a joyful time.

Why should I attend?
“Have questions? Have you found what you’ve been looking for? Are you a Catholic with questions? Or maybe you’re not Catholic, but you have a desire for a spiritual encounter. At times when our faith grows cold, when we have become too comfortable with sin, when we allow other voices to distract us from hearing God’s Word, and when we’ve let gadgets become our false gods- it’s then that we need to put everything else aside and focus on our faith.” -Real Life Catholic

I know you desire to have your priests live a holy and sanctifed life contributing to your community’s spiritual and physical growth, and we accept the challenge.

As your pastor, I challenge you to complete my joy and the joy of your priests. Don’t be afraid to step into the breach. It is my desire, as your spiritual Father, for you to participate and receive an abundance of grace from our Heavenly Father through this event. I desire that you grow more deeply in your faith, individually and with your family and friends, to embrace the joy and love that comes from our God alone.

I desire to see you there. So don’t forget to go to the courtyard after mass to get your ticket and one for your friend. You can also visit our Parish website, and purchase your tickets online.


St Maria Goretti, Pray for us.
St Josephine Bakhita, Pray for us.

With Love,
Fr. Teilo M. Lwande, AJ