Arizona Bible Class

As a Bible teacher, 
Kevin Saunders reveals
 the complex tapestry of God’s word in this extraordinary Bible class. Kevin draws on his profound experiences living and teaching in the Holy Land, along with his education in Biblical Studies to bring us a cultural, historical, 
literary, and spiritual understanding of the Bible. We will begin in Genesis and study the entire Bible, in verse-by- verse expository style, weaving back and forth between the Old and New Testaments.

You are welcome to join the Bible class at any time and "try it before you buy it". Most students find the way to the Bible class and love the experience. You are invited to be a guest for a couple of weeks until you determine if this is the Bible class you have always been looking for in the parish.

Also, price is now $80/person/session.

The Fall Quarter

Beginning with the Judges
Monday Mornings, 9:30-11:00am, Now - December 7
Cost: $70 per person, register at the first session

Who Is Kevin Saunders?

Kevin Saunders, a full time Catholic Bible teacher, earned his master’s degree in Biblical Studies from The University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. His interest in the life and times of Jesus led him and his family to Jerusalem, where he worked as Christian Chaplain at the Hebrew University, leading tours and studying Scripture in the Holy Land.

Download Missed Sessions

If you have signed up for the class and missed a session, click here to sign in and download an audio file with what you missed!