Habitat for Humanity News

Habitat for Humanity

St. Andrew the Apostle is now a member of "CARITAS", the new valley wide Catholic Coalition. The coalition includes various Catholic parishes, schools and faith organizations. The coalition was put together to continue to assist Habitat for Humanity in their efforts to build housing for those in need.

In addition, one of the benefits is the opportunity to work alongside various other CARITAS volunteers during many of our build dates. It is our hope that as time moves forward more Catholic interests will come forward and join this coalition to assist us all. The Catholic coalition on our current build is comprised of the following partners in addition to St. Andrew: St. Patrick, Notre Dame High School, and The Casa (Franciscan Renewal Center).

The current build is at the same location as last year’s in Tempe. We have the following build dates for 2018: Feb 10, Mar 3, Apr 7, Apr 28, May 19, Jun 2.

If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to habitat@standrewchandler.com