St. Andrew's E-Giving

St. Andrew the Apostle is excited to offer E-Giving (On-line Giving Services) to our parishioners and friends of our parish. Getting started is easy.

How to Donate Using

Please Click Here For the E-GIVING Page

Directions for Use:

First time users must first register.
Complete all of the required fields on the form.
Please remember your password.
Note that your password is case sensitive. Also, it will never be displayed on-screen for security reasons.
Click on the Submit Button.

You will be forwarded to the Main Menu. In the menu, you may:

View the Authorization Agreement.
Go to St. Andrew E-giving Page.
View / Edit your profile.
Or a variety of other functions including a donation Calculator that is being provided for your convenience.
Click on the "View the Authorization Agreement" (on that page). Read the agreement and click on the Agree button (if you agree) at the bottom. Until you agree to the agreement, you will not be able to donate on-line.

To make a donation, click on "Go to My Organization's E-giving Donation Page" link. You may schedule a one-time donation, or recurring giving on any schedule you wish (Weekly, Monthly) or, if you do not want to go thru this process, just fill out the required information on this simple form, return with a voided check or deposit slip (mail it to the Parish Office, or drop it in the collection basket) and the Parish staff will enter the information for you.

Important Points

  1. The E-Giving Site is a secure site.
  2. You can always get an immediate review of your on-line giving transactions.
  3. You the Contributor, have exclusive control of your giving activity.
  4. A detailed Contribution Statement is sent to you.

Why Use E-Giving?

  1. You can better budget your contributions.
  2. You no longer have to remember to bring a check or cash to Church.
  3. Use E-Giving only during the summer months, or when you know you will be gone.
  4. It helps the Parish Finance Council and Pastor to prepare a more accurate budget